The Apostles’ Teaching

The majority of the New Testament letters were written by the Apostle Paul.  These are the passages you have been reading for the past two weeks.  This week you are introduced to some of the other letters in the New Testament.  Not only did God inspire Paul to write the Scriptures, but also Peter, James and John.  As I surveyed the readings for the week, what came to mind is the distinctive difference between the character of those called as citizens into the kingdom of God versus the attributes of the world.  Notice how God uses all the Apostles to call God’s people to be distinctively different from the world around them.  We are called to love dramatically; to put little confidence in our physical bodies; to live as “strangers” in the world, and to be joyful in the midst of trial!  Wow!  What a distinctive picture God paints! 

As you read what stands out to you?  How are followers of Christ called to be distinct from the world?  What prevents us from living in this way?  How do you think our neighbors would respond if they actually witnessed us living with such distinctiveness? 

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