Paul to the Churches

The editors of the E-100 reading plan picked some powerful and encouraging passages for us to read this week!  These five passages are merely a sample of the direction God gave to the churches through the letters written by the Apostle Paul.  What I hope you will notice is the incredibly hopeful and joyous message found in these passages.  What you may not know is that this message of hope to most of these churches came at a time of great anxiety for the church.  Both internal and external strife threatened to destroy the church and this new movement to which the Apostle Paul had given his life.  That being the case, what do you think gave Paul reason for the confidence with which he wrote?  Where does he find the resources to demonstrate joy even while enduring great trial?  What do these passages have to teach God’s church today… can we live with joy and hope even in the midst of challenging and anxious situations?

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One thought on “Paul to the Churches

  1. Karen Calderone

    I was also impressed by how incredibly positive Paul was in these passages. I always think of the epistles as being mostly instructive, but Paul also spends a lot of time keeping everyone’s spirits up, and his words are timeless!

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