The Church is Born

Our readings this week take on a new twist as they introduce us to the “age of the church.”  This of course continues to be the age in which we live!

When we read the Old Testament we may have wondered what it would have been like to receive the law or hear from the prophets.  When we read the gospels we certainly must have imagined what it would have been like to be alive during Jesus’ ministry on earth.  We do not, however, have to imagine what it’s like to be a part of the progress of Christ’s church because this is indeed what we experience everyday.  It is my hope that this thought will give your reading greater insight this week.

All five readings come from the book of Acts, written by Luke as a sequel to the gospel of Luke.  The formal title of the book is “The Acts of the Apostles.”  However, I think it may be just as appropriate to title this book “The Acts of the Holy Spirit” because the Holy Spirit is really the primary agent in the birth and growth of the church.

As you look for the explicit and implicit activity of the Holy Spirit I encourage you to keep a list of this activity and then go to the blog and share with us your response to this question:

Do you think the Holy Spirit is working in the church today like He worked in the church of the first century?  Why or why not?


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One thought on “The Church is Born

  1. Ginny McCook

    Hi Clint: Oh, yes, the Holy Spirit is present! Everytime we do something that would make Jesus smile, the Holy Spirit is at work, certainly not ourselves. Our Jump Start Mondays is a great example of the Holy Spirit at work and more people should know how special it is. Ginny

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