The Living Word

Finally!  We’ve made it to Jesus!  As much as I value the Old Testament, I’m thrilled that we are now beginning to read the gospels and encounter our Savior and Lord!  The Old Testament has been a kind of prelude to the grand theme of Scripture.  It has introduced us to a God who desires a loving relationship with people.  It has dramatically shown how that relationship is completely impossible when dependent on the faithfulness of people.  The Old Testament helped us to see that no law, no sacrifice, no system of religion is capable of connecting people to God because we cannot be faithful to any system…..we need a Savior!

Before you sit down to read the gospels this week I would encourage you to read the book of Malachi again.  As you read about Jesus, how does some of what you read fulfill or speak to what the prophet Malachi prepared you for?

I would also love to hear about any other new insights you gained when reading about the birth and early years of Jesus.  Sometimes, these passages become so familiar to us that we quickly skim them, thinking that there is nothing new to learn.  After all, we hear them every Christmas at the very least!  Instead, let’s ask God to reveal himself further in these passages and then share those new insights with one another.

May your time with God this week be blessed!

Pastor Clint

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