The Fall of Israel

The passages this week offer a dynamic witness to the relationship between an unfaithful people and an always faithful, just, and merciful God.  In the Scripture, we read about King David’s egregious sin with Bathsheba and experience his heartfelt repentance.  We meet Solomon who is given great wisdom by God, but abuses his power by disobeying God later in his reign.  We are introduced to worship in the temple built by Solomon and a prophet (Elijah) who boldly serves God on Mt. Carmel while fleeing from God’s work in fear shortly thereafter.  Lastly, we read about the fall of Jerusalem and the exile of the God’s people; a gut-wrenching event that will make the people desperate for God’s deliverance and a savior!

The account of Elijah, specifically, is one that informs and encourages my life.  It’s baffling to think about the juxtaposition of Elijah’s emotions in this passage.  How can one man move so quickly from courageously and boldly challenging the prophets of Baal, defending the name of God only to turn and flee immediately afterwords when challenged by Queen Jezebel!  It makes no sense!?!  Then again, how often do I find myself serving God in bold, faithful and even courageous ways only to see those times followed by moments of doubt, depression, fear and sin.  This is one of the things I appreciate most about the Old Testament….the ability to relate to characters within.

Do you relate to any of the characters you’ve read about this week or in previous weeks?  If so, how has this encouraged your faith?

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One thought on “The Fall of Israel

  1. Karen Calderone

    Pastor Clint – I’m not really answering your question – but I am baffled as to why Joab went along with David’s heartless plan to kill Uriah the Hittite – he didn’t even question that???????? Maybe I’m completely missing something but Uriah seemed to be an honorable person. Life seemed to have had such little value then!

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