Moses and the Exodus

The readings this week reveal exciting accounts of God’s provision and rescue of his people using a man, Moses, who felt quite unequipped for the task.  These are exceptional stories worthy of being made into a Hollywood blockbuster!  In fact, these stories are so exceptional that some Christians have trouble believing that they actually happened and seek ways to explain away the supernatural provision of God.  Some biblical commentators believe that the sea crossed by the nation of Israel was really only a body of water  a few inches deep.  Likewise, other scholars believe that the manna provided by God  in the desert was really the natural by-product of a desert bug, not unlike a locust.  Do you see any problems with explanations like these?

While some of these explanations make for interesting reading I continue to question why we, whose faith is based on a resurrected life, feel the need to explain away other supernatural occurrences in God’s word.  If God has the power to bring life out of death, doesn’t he have the power to turn all the water in Egypt to blood?  So here’s my question to you all:

What does it, or what would it take for you to believe in supernatural occurrences such as what you are readying this week?

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3 thoughts on “Moses and the Exodus

  1. Lynne Rayl

    I have never had a problem reconciling “God” miracles from “nature” miracles as they have the same author! Do you think the Eygptians would have had a harder time believing that God turned the Nile to blood or that man would one day fly in space? Both are miracles of God if you believe that the mind that God designed in the creature of his likeness is the biggest miracle of all! There may be “explanations” that scientists can come up with for the plagues but that doesn’t diminish God’s hand at work in my estimation.
    On another topic, I have been contemplating “hardening of the heart” this week. Ginny prayed a beautiful prayer at Jump Start about the Holy Spirit and a lovely picture came to me. There have to be many tiny porous spaces between each molecule in our heart organ and I wonder if the Holy Spirit can literally fill each tiny space in a pliable, soft heart thereby directing its very life force. A hardened heart would not allow that beautiful abiding. Perhaps, as we “harden our arteries” by eating bad food, we harden our hearts by letting in bad thoughts that God does not desire to be there. Anyway, I am praying for “porousness” this week.
    I’d love to hear what others think as I will have to miss our discussion Wednesday.

  2. Lynne, Great thoughts on the miracles and abilities of our Great God. Sometimes trying to explain a miracle or figure it out either scientifically or otherwise can make a person miss what God is really doing in the sequence of events all together. I once saw a blind girl see while praying for her and laying hands on her while in India. The next person I prayed for was not similarly miraculously healed. When dealing with the miraculous there are things that we just cannot know or understand. I am consistently humbled when I contemplate the greatness and ability of God to show up and work wonders. It is always to His glory and it is consistently done in ways so that one cannot put God in a box for controls sake or to limit His ability or what He will do.
    As to the hardening of the heaert…that is one of the hardest things to understand about the nature and sovereignty of God. The book of Romans tells us that God gave people over to a reprobate mind and life. This passage helps us to understand a bit of the nature of hardening of the heart. Some people don’t want to see god at work. They do not want to trust or beleive that God’s way is the only way and so they harden their hearts. God then takes that hardening and gives us over to the natural consequences and conclusion of what happens when we harden ourselves to God’s Way. I love your take on the hardening of the heart as God filling the heart’s molecules with Himself and that sometimes our actions and attitudes can harden and make us less likely to receive or believe with a non-porous heart. The scriptures tell us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and the condition of our heart (both as a physical entity and organ as a seat of spiritual openness to God) is spoken of in the scriptures to warn us to not harden our heart when we sense God speaking to us or moving in a situation.
    Sometimes it could be which came first the chicken or the egg…we harden our hearts and God hardens our hearts. The scriptures tell us that God hands us over to our desires, passions, attitudes for both good and bad. He does not tempt us and He certainly never “makes” us to sin. But He does sometimes give us what we ask for or insist on and then sends a leanness to our soul. Thus we must be careful about what we pray for and insist on in our life.The scripture is full of holy mysteries and one of those is the way that God uses beleivers and non-believers alike in working towards His perfect will and kingdom purposes. There is a dance with the sovereignty of God and the free will of man as it has to do with hardeness of heart. One day we will understand more fully what the hardening of the heart means. In the meantime God encourages us to guard our heart because it is the wellspring of life. again and again God urges believers to guard against hardeness of heart. I believe that just as heart disease is the number one killer in medicine that spiritually speaking hardening of the spiritual arteries and hardening of the heart and other associated heart diseases (spiritualy) is the number one thing that keeps people and the Church from becoming fully what God would have us to become. And like physical heart disease it is totally preventable through the awesoem grace of our loving God, who has the healing solution to all heart disease. Blesssings.

  3. What lovely thoughts about our hearts with Valentine’s Day/marriage and our dinner on Saturday coming up!! You are indeed contemplating the gospel Lynne. I cease to be amazed every time I read even a familiar Bible passage, something new is revealed. Seems you are enjoying the E100 as much as I. Blessings, Ginny

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