The Story of Joseph

The story of Joseph, revealed in our passages for this week, is one of my favorite in all of God’s word!  Here’s a man who goes through incredible turmoil and yet remains faithful to God throughout!  Certainly, Joseph wasn’t without fault… doesn’t take a genius to expect that the announcement of your lordship over your family might bring a harsh response!  However, Joseph is a testimony of faithful obedience in difficult circumstances and is therefore a great encouragement to me as I seek to live for Christ, today!

The message delivered strongly to me through these passages is one of God’s sovereign control over the world.  As you read, notice how God is at work in both Jacob’s family and those who don’t worship him, like the Egyptians.  Notice how God is at work in those who desire to be obedient like Jacob and Joseph as well as those who rebel, like Joseph’s brothers.  Notice how God is in control, even of the weather as he uses a famine to accomplish his purposes!  Joseph’s summary of his own life in Genesis 45:7 is a great testimony to the sovereign purposes of God, “God sent me ahead of you to preserve for a you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance.”  Consider these questions as you read this week.

In what ways do you see the sovereignty of God demonstrated in these passages?  In what ways do you experience the sovereignty of God in our own world?  What struggles do you have with the sovereignty of God?

Something else that came to my attention as I read was Joseph’s obedient leadership demonstrated in these passages.  For example, can you imagine what people must of been thinking and saying as Joseph hoarded food during the seven years of abundance!

What risks do we take when we try to obey God in ways that defy the logic and understanding of some?  What can we learn from Joseph’s life that can help us remain faithful even when others come against us?


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3 thoughts on “The Story of Joseph

  1. Kay Heck

    “With God all things are possible.” Matt. 19:26

    The story of Joseph…one of my absolute favorites. When Pharoah asked Joseph to interpret his dream, Joseph admits that he “cannot do it,” but God will give Pharoah his answer. After God gave Pharaoh his answer, He uses Joseph to prepare for the famine. Yes…a man with powerful leadership abilities.

    This is my constant reminder that no matter what I am facing, when I can’t, God can. God can always be trusted. Although Joseph’s brothers failed him, God never fails. Brothers disappointed…God remains faithful!

    Have a terrific rest-of-the-week! Peace, brothers and sisters…Kay

    • Thanks, Kay…..Philippians 4:13 – “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength!” Certainly Joseph demonstrated this conviction, may we have such faith as well!

  2. This week I have thought a lot about “struggling”. How do we make sure we are struggling with God, and not something else? When Jacob struggled with the angel, he was changed physically, and in name, but he also received a blessing, and “overcame” 32:28. That’s the kind of outcome I would like for my life. Is it just a matter of keeping focused on God? I noticed Jacob was alone when he wrestled.

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